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Do You Need a Year-End Bookkeeping Review?

October 29, 2018

As a small business owner, the end of the year means that the often-dreaded tax season is just around the corner. One of the most important questions a business owner can ask is, "Do I need a year-end bookkeeping review?" Getting taxes right is essential because there is a lot at stake. At Halon Tax, we have an excellent bookkeeping service that can help you navigate end-of-year bookkeeping and ensure that all your financial statements and tax filings are impeccable.

Personal Taxes vs. Business Taxes

Many people have a solid grasp on how their personal taxes work and millions file their taxes each year with the help of do-it-yourself software that simplifies the tax code. It's reasonable, then, for a small business owner to approach business taxes the same way. However, it's important to remember that personal and business taxes are entirely different. Business taxes require you, as the business owner, to keep a detailed, accurate, traceable balance sheet that tracks all of the major components of your businesses' financial story. Thus,no matter how you file taxes, the return you send to the IRS is only as good as the information in your balance sheet.

Your Sole Proprietorship Could Put Your Family At Risk!

If you have what is called a "naked" sole proprietorship, you may be putting your assets and family in danger.
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Business Tax Experts

Halon Tax staffs business tax experts who start with you at the foundation of your business’s financial documents and help to check them. Eliminating errors on the front end makes for a smoother, more accurate process as we work to complete your tax return. We start by using more than thirty screening processes to ensure that your base documents are correct and the information is 100% accurate. We then alert you of any necessary changes or discrepancies. After you have the chance to review our questions and edits, we proceed to work on your tax return. By helping you through the entire process,we hope that tax season can become a time that you enjoy rather than dread. And we can help ensure that your books are balanced.

Do What You Do Best

Whether you're a craftsman, landscaper, attorney, or farmer, your business is what you do best. So, it makes sense for you to spend all of your valuable time doing what has made you successful. At Halon Tax, what we do best is taxes. Letting us take care of you in our area of expertise frees you to continue to do what makes you successful. While we do all the work, you maintain all the control.At every step of the way, we provide you with all the information to make the best decisions about your tax filings. It's one of the reasons that our bookkeeping service is such a tremendous year-end addition to your business.

Amy Stocking

Amy has upwards of 25 years of bookkeeping and tax preparation experience and is a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor with Advanced certifications. Her experience ranges from retail tax preparation to CPA firm tax prep, and experience preparing financials for large to small companies of all types.  While always enjoying learning new things, she also loves sharing knowledge to help others.

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