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How To Maximize Time Working And Minimize Stressing About Taxes With Halon Tax

September 13, 2019

Do you find yourself stressing out over tax season? Are you burdened by all the paperwork and organization needed to file your taxes? Halon Tax has the answer for you! As a business owner, you want to focus on the work and services you are providing for clients, not on filing your taxes. Let Halon Tax help you maximize your time working on your projects and minimize time stressing over finances.  


Increase Your Productivity


When you are running a business, you focus on what you can do for your clients. The burden of organizing your books, keeping track of receipts, and managing accounts takes away from your ability to focus on what the client needs. By hiring Halon Tax, you will alleviate this workload and be able to do the work you want to do. Halon Tax software works around the clock in the background,which keeps your paperwork from piling up all while your time is spent on other projects. Instead of carving out time in your busy daily schedule, our software works while you work and helps you to increase your productivity.


Bill More Hours


The goal of every business is to be profitable. By allowing Halon Tax to take over your books, this not only frees up your time to do your work, but it also allows you to bill more hours to your clients. This then gives your company higher profitability. The tax preparation process can take over twelve hours, but with Halon Tax, it’s reduced to only minutes. Simply organizing and preparing your paperwork will take more time than Halon Tax takes to complete the entire tax process. These precious hours can instead be spent doing billable work for clients and promoting the mission of your business. Not only will Halon Tax allow you to free time to perform billable work, but we will also scan your books for any tax deductions. The tax savings typically outweigh the cost of the services.  


Alleviate Stress


What sets Halon Tax apart from other tax service companies is its focus on ensuring that your company is in the best hands. Halon Tax not only checks your books; we check them three times. This process gives businesses peace of mind knowing that their taxes are being done without error. You can trust in the user-friendly services provided by Halon Tax, as our team is a mix of experienced professionals with years of expertise and a thorough understanding of the tax laws and processes. Rest assured knowing that your books are in the right hands.



Alleviate your stress and maximize your work all while still getting your taxes filed and keeping your books organized. If you are looking to increase productivity, Halon Tax is the right match for you. Our affordable services seamlessly work with your current bookkeeping practices, but they will allow you the freedom to work on other critical projects in your business. Please contact us today at 614-293-8094.

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Christopher Ragain, CPA

Christopher Ragain, CPA is the founder of Halon Tax and one of the industries top authorities on micro-business taxation and tax planning.

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