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Why Tax Planning Is Important

November 11, 2019

Once people file their tax returns, they often start believing that their job is done, and there is no need to worry about doing the taxes for next year any time soon.  Although there is nothing wrong with it, this habit of procrastination often lingers on until someone finds themselves close to a deadline. It causes them to panic, which leads to all kinds of errors and blunders. Therefore, it would be wise to prioritize your tax planning as it would give you a head start and allow you to plan things very carefully to ensure that your financial situation potentially improves when the next year arrives.

In this article, we will discuss some important reasons for tax planning. Let us begin.

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Understanding the Importance of Tax Planning

There is nothing more satisfying than filling your tax returns with ease. Although there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to pat yourself on the back, there are several clues in tax returns that can help you to gauge your financial situation. These clues also present the opportunity to improve your finances as well. Get assistance from an experienced CPA to understand what the finances have to say. However, before getting in touch with a CPA, it would be wise to thoroughly review the tax plan by yourself so that you are well aware of all the facts.

College Education for Children

In the initial stages of tax returns, people are asked to jot down their dependents. If you happen to be a parent or guardian, the education costs for children can be quite problematic, especially if your financial situation is not that stable. College fees in America can be quite costly; however, if you play your cards right, you will be able to get several tax benefits. American Opportunity Credit is one of those benefits. It gives qualified taxpayers the freedom to cut down their taxes by close to 2500 Dollars per year. In case you are saving money for future college expenses, there is an investment plan known as Section 129 that grows savings without tax. It also makes account distributions tax free for the beneficiaries as long as they are qualified to pay college costs. Therefore, you should try to make the most of the chances you get for minimizing the college expenses for your children.


Very few people can confidently claim that saving for retirement was not a problem for them at all. Not only is it tough under any given circumstance, but it also becomes even tougher when you set your taxes aside. Fortunately, several retirement options are there for setting some money aside without tax payment for that income. As soon as the money goes to a different account, it begins to gain value according to investments on interest. The best part about all of this is that you will not be asked to pay taxes on that saved money until you decide to take it out of the retirement account. The chances are that when that time comes, you will likely be in a lower tax bracket. There is also a likelihood that you will be charged a significantly lesser amount of money.

You could potentially be missing an excellent opportunity for getting ahead in case you have not made any contributions to a tax-advantaged plan for retirement. There are a few employers sponsored plans like the 403 (b) or 401 (k) that can grow your pretax earnings tax-free in the long run.

Do not worry if you have access to these kinds of plans as you can take deductions for the contributions you made to the IRAs (individual retirement accounts), SEPS (simplified employee pensions), or various other plans. Besides the tax benefits, saving for your eventual retirement is an excellent way of making sure that you have a cozy nest egg that awaits you after retirement. CPAs also advise that people should save as much as possible for their retirements because of the numerous benefits involved in it.

Keep in mind that these accounts do not allow you to avoid your taxes entirely deliberately. All they do is let you defer some payments to help you minimize your taxes that you will eventually pay later on and maximize your savings. Some similar accounts also offer provision. Dependent care savings account and Health Savings Account are prime examples of it.

Options for Estate Planning

In recent years, there have been several changes in estate tax laws. This means that predicting where and on whom the laws will be enforced on can be extremely difficult. Proper tax planning can be useful for lowering estate taxes. It can also accomplish a variety of other tax-related goals. Once again, your CPA will be your best guide to explain more details for being an efficient provider for your family currently and in the future, as well.

Considering Every Aspect of Your Financial Life

Several aspects of a taxpayer’s life are affected because of taxes. Because of this, people often do not remember the various ways of saving money.  If tax implications regarding a huge financial decision are not in your list of considerations, you could potentially end up losing and wasting a huge sum of money.

Tax laws regarding home sales, in particular, can be extremely painful for uninformed sellers and buyers. Case in point, you can get capital gains tax exemption if you file with a spouse. This comes in very useful for making massive savings. But sadly, not everyone knows about this, which is why they end up paying a lot of money.

Whether you are knowledgeable or not, you should always talk to a financial professional for avoiding accidental miss outs on large tax exemptions.  


There are several long terms and short-term benefits associated with tax planning. However, you should take a deep look at your financial situation for increasing your savings as much as possible. If you sense a decline or increase in your future income, start modifying your financial plan according to the predicted shifts in advance. Figure out whether you should pay taxes on increased income now or should you transfer it to a tax-deferred account. Halon Private Clients offers a tax planning add on. Your dedicated CPA will make sure you are always aware of the liabilities and work with your to get them lowered. Don't wait for a surprise bill, ask about tax planning today.

Tatiana Bashlova

Tatiana is the Junior Vice President at Halon. She has experience in operations, payroll, legal, human resources, and finance in various industries. In her spare time she enjoys reading about new laws, hiking, and fishing. .

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