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Picking the Right HRIS/Payroll Software For Your Company

January 9, 2019
Human Resources

As your business grows, maintaining employee records and payroll records becomes both more important and more difficult.

While many companies can go a year or two without using an HRIS (human resource information system) or full payroll system, informal systems like Excel spreadsheets become harder and harder to manage over time. Thankfully with growing technology, there are many options to choose from! The question then becomes, “Which one is right for me?” Before diving straight into the deep end, however, it is best to take a step back and ask yourself a few other questions first.

What is important to you and your business?

  • Staying compliant with national/state/local laws?
  • Having a user-friendly payroll system for... Hourly employees? Tipped employees? Salaried employees?
  • Having access to HR consultants?
  • Paperless onboarding?
  • Performance management tools?
  • Benefits administration?

There are many needs that different companies have. Before you start sifting through a mountain of Google results make sure you have a solid checklist of what is most important to you and what would just be nice to have. Always remember that, typically, the more perks your system has, the higher the per-employee cost will be.

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So, you have your list all done, now what? It’s time to hit the internet and see what's out there, and start talking to vendors about your needs!

When you search Google for “HRIS Software” about 6,650,000 results come up. The vendors listed on the first page have paid to make sure you see them first. That means they’re most likely well-funded and are usually the top players in the game (or on their way to the top).

Technology Advice has a nice list of the top vendors that serve small and large businesses. You can click here to see their list.

Many of the vendors will have demos you can download right away or a chat system you can reach out to. Having a list of your most important needs will help you make sure you pick the right HRIS/Payroll system for your business.  Never be afraid to ask a question or turn down a vendor due to a lack of responses. At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for your budget and your company.

Happy HRIS/Payroll System Searching!

Tatiana Bashlova

Tatiana is the Junior Vice President at Halon. She has experience in operations, payroll, legal, human resources, and finance in various industries. In her spare time she enjoys reading about new laws, hiking, and fishing. .

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